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Appium 1.5

The most awaited Stable version of Appium... 1.5 has been released. Go through the below update from Jonathon. Appium 1.5.0 Released Appium 1.5 The Appium team is extremely proud to announce the release of Appium 1.5! Go ahead and npm install -g appium while you read the rest of this post! Appium 1.5 has been in the works for over half a year, and we would like to share why it's such an important release for us.
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One more Gem from Shreya Ghoshal ! 'Ninu Choodani' from the film 'Masala'

One of the best composition of Thaman from the voice of ShreyaGhoshal ! Click here to listen 'Ninu Choodani' song

Game Compatibility Checker

Have you ever faced a situation where, after installing a heavy war game or a car racing game for almost 1 hour, that your machine is not supporting and it suddenly got crashed ? Why should you loose your time and resources only to know that the game will not work on your computer when you can simply click the below link and run a simple 1 minute test and know the result. Can your PC run the game? This website has a list of names of almost all games. Upon selecting the name of the game and proceeding further, you can easily know whether you can run a game or not in your pc within a couple of minutes !

Steps to extract audio from a video file using VLC media player

Many of us face a situation where we have our most favorite video song, but we do not have an audio version of it. In my case, i had to convert all my favorite songs from the latest coke studio episodes. So here is the procedure to extract audio from any video file and save it as mp3. Open VLC media Player.  Press Ctrl+R which opens a window titled "Open Media"  Click on "Add" button and select your favorite video from which you wanted to extract the audio. Now, click on the little arrow button present on the "Convert/Save" button in the bottom of the window. Select the option "Convert" from the drop-down. Now a new Window named "Convert" will be opened. Click on the "Browse" button beside the text Destination File and choose an appropriate folder and name to save your output audio file. Once you have named your output file, change the extension from .ps to .mp3 Under the "Settings" section drop-down, se