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5 easy ways to make money online with Photoshop

This is the scenario: You are a skilled Photoshop artist, or perhaps you are a great photographer. If that’s not true, then you may be a cool designer or at least have some nice Photoshop tips or tricks that nobody knows. And you need money. No matter what your skills are, if you are capable of creating something with a certain appeal with Photoshop or even other graphics application, there are many ways that you can turn that into money with certain ease. In this article you won’t find any get-rich-quick tips. In fact, to quit your day job and make a living with this information may take you a long while. But, as with most in life, it depends on you. I will only show you what’s out there and make your startup a little easier. Take into consideration that most of these tips do not require that you have a web site of your own, but with all the free services available, I believe that there is no excuse for not creating your own web site. Two interesting s

Suhas Gopinath-Youngest CEO ever-A true inspiring journey

When 14-year-old Suhas Gopinath started Globals Inc ten years ago from a cyber cafe in Bengaluru, he didn't know that he had become the youngest CEO in the world. Today, Globals is a multi-million dollar company with offices in the United States, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East and has 100 employees in India and 56 abroad. Among the several honours that have been bestowed upon this young man, the most prestigious is the invitation to be a member of the Board of the ICT Advisory Council of the World Bank.. In 2007, the European Parliament and International Association for Human Values conferred 'Young Achiever Award' on him. He was also invited to address the European Parliament and other business dignitaries assembled in the EU Parliament. He is also recognised as one of the 'Young Global Leaders' for 2008-2009 by the prestigious World Economic Forum. Suhas is the youngest member ever i

Inspirational PDF Manifestos from ChangeThis

ChangeThis is a site that aspires to help you with spreading your best ideas. The site is a must check if you’re a creative type and really want to do something . You get to see some introductory parts of the manifestos on the website itself, so that you can get a taste of what’s on offer before downloading. Make sure you checkout these free PDF manifestos on their site . They’ll stir up your mind. Guaranteed. “Brainwashed – Seven Ways to Reinvent Yourself”, a manifesto by Seth Godin, is also available for download on the site.

What is CDAC11BA.exe?

If you’ve come here looking for information on CDAC11BA.exe , you’ve come to the right place. We’ll discuss what CDAC11BA.exe is, if it is spyware or not and if you should get rid of it. What is CDAC11BA.exe? CDAC11BA.exe is a process that runs as part of the Macrovision Real Time Streaming (RTS) service. It’s used by several software applications to defeat piracy. Why does CDAC11BA.exe run? Your computer could run CDAC11BA.exe if you recently installed AutoCAD 2004, 3DS Max, Adobe CS or other similar software. CDAC11BA.exe was bundled with Intuit’s TurboTax application. In short, this Safe Cast process makes sure that only users with a valid license run the software application. Is CDAC11BA.exe spyware? No, it is not spyware but there have been controversies surrounding its actual working. The associated software’s license key is saved in split locations, making it tough to actually retrieve the key and install the software in other computers. There have been reports tha

8 Top Chrome Browser Extensions

Chrome claims world fastest and light browser. There is one reason that many user is not moved to chrome due to Extension. Firefox is popular due to its various add-ons. Even you can view a lot of Add-on for Internet Explorer. Now, Chrome is trying to beating the other browser with its useful extension. WOT Chrome Extension Web of Trust is a safe browsing tool, which warns you about risky sites that cheat customers, deliver malware or send spam. its list down all the website from your feedback and warn about the age-Related content websites. IE Tab For Chrome Sometimes, Microsoft websites does not support Chrome, Firefox, or even Opera. In Past , we covered the IE Tab for Firefox that display such websites within Firefox. You don't need to open switch to IE browser. Developer made another facility for Chrome User IE Tab. You can now see those sites without leaving Chrome. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer If you have less space or don't want to install the Word or PD

Bom Sabado --- Be Careful

An Orkut virus called Bom Sabado has hit the social networking site creating a wide spread disruption of services for website users. Bom Sabado which is a Portuguese term meaning Good Saturday infected various profile on Saturday that was the 25th of September passing down to many other profiles via scraps and messages. Orkut management officials have requested all profile owners to keep away from the website until the issue is sorted out and moreover if user profiles have in anyway been affected by the virus then they have been asked to change their login passwords and other security details immediately. Orkut has previously also been affected by a similar virus back in the month of February this year. A similar virus also hit the micro-blogging site Twitter. Nothing much about this virus has been revealed through Google but the virus potentially hacks the profile and sends out duplicate messages across to profile member list with the message Bom Sabado. With this the virus can scratc

JPEG Format and its History

JPEG ... JPEG, the acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group, is a file format that uses lossy compression (explained in the “Image Compression” section). The JPEG file format offers 13 compression settings — the higher the quality, the less the compression, and vice versa. JPEG compression is very effective. It can squeeze your file size to practically nothing. JPEG compression works best with continuous-tone images, such as photographs. But because the compression is lossy, I don’t recommend this format for high-end printing and color separations. JPEG supports RGB, CMYK, and Grayscale image modes. It doesn’t support alpha channels. If you want to post your image on the Web, you have to save it as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG. JPEG works great with photographic images that have a wide range of colors. Check out Book IX, Chapters 1 and 2, for the lowdown on all the JPEG options and settings. JPEG 2000 . JPEG 2000 is a new member to Photoshop repertoire of supported file formats. A cousin to

HTML Transformation

HTML Transformation Frequently the designers locate it challenging to convert their models into HTML codes. The motive is basic; the language of a layout and a internet page is not the identical. Obviously, it requirements to be transformed. Basically, there would seem to be three alternatives from which a custom made need to select. Now, let's take a appear at them.The 1st alternative is code it yourself. Of course that is clear. Also, it has certain benefits. When you are coding a page your self, you have the freedom to pick the excellent appearance. So, you can keep on operating on it right up until you are satisfied. In shorter, performing it oneself will give you the option to make the conversion as you please.Nevertheless, there are two other choices as effectively. A single is to use distinct automated equipment that will do the transformation and the other is to employ a business or person who will provide program to convert PSD to HTML. Now, it is crucial the following to

Download Free Softwares, Games, Movies and lot of Hacking Stuff from 50+ FTP Sites

Internet definitely has several unheard places also known as underground websites, few of these website offer users 100s and 1000s of softwares, games, movies and lot of Hacking Stuff for downloads. Though these sites are pretty tough to find, I was able to unearth more than 50+ FTP sites that allow users to download softwares, games, movies and lot of Hacking tools for free. Here is a list of 50+ FTP sites that will allow you download content for free. Don’t forget to share and bookmark this page so that everyone can take advantage of it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ftp://clubmusic:clubmusic@ 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. ftp://194.1

Speed Up Windows 7

7 Ways to Speed Up Windows 7 With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft may just have introduced the fastest operating system in the world . For those speed junkies who are never satisfied, we have provided a few tips that will help you make your PC even faster. Disable Automatic Disk Defragmentation The Automatic Disk Defragmentation feature in Windows is designed to maintain the health of the operating system. However, it also makes Windows run a little slower. You can put an end to this by disabling the feature and manually running at your leisure. To do so, click “Start” and select “Computer.” Next, right click on your primary hard drive and select “Properties.” Lastly, select the “Tools” tab, click “Defragment Now” and uncheck the “Run on a schedule” option. Utilize ReadyBoost ReadyBoost is a built-in Windows 7 feature that allows you to use a USB flash drive to enhance system performance. How is this possible? The drive itself acts as additional computer memory! In o

Brindavanam Audio Songs

Download NTR Starrer Brindavanam Songs Click Here

Genuine & Honest money making sites!!

These are some of the honest and trustworthy sites that I have researched and spent a lot on Online work and found out. 1) ViewBestAds 2) NeoBux 3) OnBux 4) yougetpaidbux Plz register in theabove sites and go through theFAQ column where all your doubts will be answered. These are not 'Fake-GetRich-overnight' scams.If you are patient and dedicated,you can easily earn anywhere between $20 - $100 per day. Source : ClickIndia

12 tips for teens on how to help the poor and needy

What can you, a teenager who doesn't have a lot of money or resources, do to help the poor and needy? More than you think. Most young adults are blessed with the creativity and intelligence to find ways to help others despite limited resources. Here are some tips that can perhaps start the creative process: 1. Give a portion of your allowance each week to a poor and needy person or a cause in support of them How much is your allowance or your salary from your part-time job? Not much, you might say. The great thing about giving though is that in about 99 percent of cases, you are not restricted to how much you can give to help the poor and needy. That means for instance, instead of dishing out a dollar a day for a can of soda from the vending machine at school or work, maybe you can save this money two days of the week. Then give this money to the Zakat and Sadaqa co

Cool Photoshop Effects

Glow Effect Change the lighting effect of any image using the Lighting filter. Open an image on your canvas by clicking on File>Open , select the image you want to open and click on 'Open'. Click on Filter>Render>Lighting Effects . The Lighting Effects window opens, change only the Light type to 'Omni' let the other settings be the default. If you wish to, try changing the default values and check out the result effect. Source : entheosweb

Antivirus Test

You can test your anti virus is it working or not. just follow my instruction # open a wordpad or not pad and save this. X50!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H* save it as . while doing this your anti-virus should stop you. its not harmful either but if the anti virus is active it will warn you. if it does not then your anti virus is good for nothing .

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys The followings are Microsoft Excel shortcuts. Some short-cuts might be version specific. Use at your own risk. Mouse shortcuts Shortcut Description Double-click (on a cell) Edit the cell contents. Double-click (on a row/column divider) Adjust height/width to auto-fit High-light headers of multiple rows/columns then Double-click on a row/column divider Adjust height/width to auto-fit of all high-lighted rows/columns Triple-click Select the entire contents in the cell Click on row/column divider then drag Adjust height/width of the row/colunn High-light headers of multiple rows/columns then Click on row/column divider then drag Adjust height/width of the rows/colunns Ctrl + Mouse wheel Zooms in and out of document. Hold Shift + Click the cells Select multiple cells Keyboard shortcuts Shortcut Description F2 Edit the selected cell. F5 Goto a specific cell. For example, C6. F7 Spell check selected text and/or document. F11 Create chart. Ctrl + A

Extreme Emotions

Shortly, going to complete 1 year in corporate world. This ONE year has extracted a lot of varying emotions from me. Entirely different from all the previous years. Got the Most memorable Friend. Tasted the delicious value of a real success. Suffered the most horrible sadness in my life. Mixed emotions out there. Learnt lessons more than enough for a lifetime. Professional metamorphosis going on...

Friendly Friend

From the very first day i've joined corporate world, there was a small revolution going inside myself thinking about "Does friendship exists in corporate world?". Days passed like a super fast express. In my, small but learnable corporate experience, apart from technical things, i've studied a lot about people around me. Sorry, not people, Resources . Corporate field is ofcourse an area to earn livelihood. But according to my opinion, it should be opted the least. Only if no other options are available. It's a field where one have to wantedly kill Human inside himself. At the initial stages, one has to work like a machine.Then in later stages, he/she gets used to it. Even if we have passion to do work in our favourite Domain, they won't let you do so. Adding to this, also you'd be posted to a far off location from your hometown even if there is an office near to your hometown.Even if you try to adjust in these kind of situations, searching for a good fri

Mobile Number Locator

We often get missed calls from unknown numbers. Due to increasing number of network providers and Mobile numbers, we are not even able to guess, to which network that number belongs. These missed calls add more to our daily tensions. Here is an excellent website, where we can at least find out the Network provider name and State to which that number belongs. This is atleast helpful to some extent. Click here to locate the mobile number.


Oh Rahman !! Bano mere Ghar ka mehmaan !! Aap ke geeth sunke... Door hojaathe, sabhi Pareshaan !! Aap hai Sangeeth lok ki Shakthimaan !! Aap ki gaana shuru hothe hi kam ho jaathi Thaapmaan !! Oh Rahman !! You are the real Man !!


Check out HERE for latest collection of music maestro A.R. Rahman's rare old pics.


NEWSEUM is a online newspaper mart where you can read around 500 daily newspapers front pages from around 50 countries in the world. Have a nice time over thereif u r free.

Photoshop Tutorial

Here is a wonderful guide for Photoshop Beginners. To download Photoshop tutorial in pdf format... Click Here for part-I Click Here for part-II


HEAL - Health and education for all A UK registered charity is working hard to provide homes, food, education and medical care for over 1,000 orphaned and underprivileged children in Andhra Pradesh, India. Their aim is to help upto 10,000 children by the year 2015. So, come on. Let's help for a cause. Make a DONATION or be a VOLUNTEER or become a SUPPORTER .