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Must haves for a PC

6 MUST HAVES FOR A PC 1.antivirus A good not only good but intelligent antivirus is necessary for a pc, b'coz now-a-days more-n-more serious threats are posed by immense number of viruses. one sucha good antivirus one must have is Dr.web antivirus. click here to download it. Not only downloading but updating it is very important as new viruses come into existence everyday . 2.PDF reader All the existing application forms,documents,e-books,manuals everything these days is in .pdf format. To read them a good pdf reader is necessary.One sucha good & effective reader is ADOBE READER. click here to download it. 3.PLAYER Everyone loves to listen music & watch video everyday. So an efiicient multimedia player is necessry for playing all kinds of multimedia files without installing individual players for each file format. One such a

Flash File Recovery

Flash File Recovery is probably Net's oldest and most powerful flash recovery software created specially for digital cameras. The program brings back deleted images and salvages pictures from damaged or corrupted digital media, including the camera's built-in memory. It works with virtually all media types, including SmartMedia , CompactFlash, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card Flash Card, PC Card, Multimedia Card, and SD Card. While this program does not recover mp3 files, it does recover image files like JPEG, TIFF and such, as well as RAW image files - Canon CRW, Nikon NEF, Kodak DCR, among others. Video files - AVI, MOV, MPG/MPEG are supported as well. wanna download it... click here


Are u using a pc with a low configuration RAM? Is it irritating to wait for a long time for getting the work done? Here is a gift that speeds up ur pc UNIBLUE

Dr.web antivirus

Recently i came to know about dr.web antivirus My system was attacked by virus named "win32/virut". Although i used avg full version it was unable to remove it. Due to this virus any installed application wil not run. it corrupts all the system files. But dr.web came to my rescue. It washed away all my virus enemies. Really thanks to dr.web. have a look at dr.web website. click here to download the antivirus.