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Must haves for a PC



A good not only good but intelligent antivirus is necessary for a pc, b'coz
now-a-days more-n-more serious threats are posed by immense number of viruses.
one sucha good antivirus one must have is Dr.web antivirus.

click here to download it.

Not only downloading but updating it is very important as new viruses come into
existence everyday .

2.PDF reader

All the existing application forms,documents,e-books,manuals everything these
days is in .pdf format. To read them a good pdf reader is necessary.One sucha good
& effective reader is ADOBE READER.

click here to download it.


Everyone loves to listen music & watch video everyday. So an efiicient multimedia
player is necessry for playing all kinds of multimedia files without installing
individual players for each file format. One such a player is KMplayer.

click here to download it.

4.Doc reader

Other than pdf the most frequently seen file format is .doc. There is none other than
MSOFFICE to rewad this format.

click here to download it.

5.Temporary files cleaner

The pc memory gets freed when temporary files are deleted.The pc performance also increases.
One such cleaner is CCLEANER.

click here to download it.

6.File Zipper

A software must be there to reduce file size so as to save disk space. One such a zip tool is WINRAR.

click here to download it.


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