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Recover corrupted hard disk

Ever had a hard drive get all corrupted by money and power? Or just overuse…

I found a good tutorial on how to recover your data from a corrupted hard drive, but it needed some tweaking so I moved some stuff around. This should be more efficient.

First things first, you need a new hard drive. It can be external if you want. But you HAVE to be able to mount it as a directory in DSL (damn small linux)

Now you need to borrow someone elses computer (cause yours is screwed right?).

Download DSL (damn small linux)

Just google “Damn Small Linux Download”, you’ll find it.
Got it? Good, now boot it.

after booting you will see the GUI of the DSL, run TERMINAL
and follow this command
*Note: this command will make you a super user in DSL

#sudo su

*Note: this command will mount you HDD on DSL

#mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1

*Note: this command will check if your data is still on the HDD

#cd /mnt/hda1
#ls -al

Found any data? If not stop here and cry.

If yes move on.
Since you already have you new hard drive connected to your PC just run this command series.

#mount /dev/hdc1 /mnt/hdc1
#cd /mnt/hdc1
#mkdir backup
#cp -R /mnt/hda1/*.* /mnt/hdc1/backup


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