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A Random post(a dozen things to be accomplished in my tweenhood...) Tagged by Rajeev and Prachi...

Here are some milestones(according to me) i want to achieve in my tweens.....

1. Successfully complete my training at Infosys and become a good professional.

2. Own a software company providing employment to others.

3. Build my own small and cute home for my family(my mom's dream too).

4. Have a lover who cares me.

5. Become famous by doing something different(probably through my website(under process)).

6. Own a toyata INNOVA (with my dad and mom and my bro in the back seat and myself driving).

7. Visit my childhood place (kolkata army camp).

8. Own a good quality digi cam(i needed it from long time but i wasn't able to get that and many of my trips were boring for me without my digicam).

9. Educate at least one poor child from 1st to class XII.

10. Meet A.R. Rahman and take a photograph with him and also his autograph.

11. Compose a beautiful song with my own lyrics and tune and sing myself.

12. Devlop my home town

Still many more r there.....but these r crucial.

as i dont know whoz following my blog, all those whose visit this blog take a challenge to post ur own list in ur blog.....Thanks Rajeev and prachi for introducing me this game, which i dont know before...really interesting... :)


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