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How stuff Works...

Have you ever wondered how Internet works? How email works? How a Digital Camera works?

Everyone would be getting such doubts one or other time, here are some very good sites which explain in detail how things work and useful to learn about many things. I recommend that one should definitely visit the sites...


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Game Compatibility Checker

Have you ever faced a situation where, after installing a heavy war game or a car racing game for almost 1 hour, that your machine is not supporting and it suddenly got crashed ? Why should you loose your time and resources only to know that the game will not work on your computer when you can simply click the below link and run a simple 1 minute test and know the result. Can your PC run the game? This website has a list of names of almost all games. Upon selecting the name of the game and proceeding further, you can easily know whether you can run a game or not in your pc within a couple of minutes !