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Joycee's blog contest

Hi! As I'm a photoshop enthusiast and does a lot of experiments, I was very interested to participate in joycee's blog contest.

Here is my entry for the contest.

If anybody are interested, here are the details regarding the contest.

1.You can select a photo from lots of photos available in the following links
joycee's shutterfly account or from joycee's photobucket account .

2.Once u select a photo, u can do anything with that photo using photoshop or any editing softwares. once editing is completed u can send the final photo as an entry to for screening.

3.Once u receive a confirmation from joycee, u can blog about this contest in ur blog and post the final photo in the blog including the following list of sponsors.

Sponsor Details......


*$10 from Ms.Candy-Blush
*$25 from Ate Reesie
*$50 from an anonymous friend
*$20 from Kuya Epfi of
*$15 from Kikayness of


*Free Webhosting for 3 months from Kiven of (Joycee's host)
*Free Webhosting from Pahn of
*Free webhosting from Kulot of
*Free DOMAIN from Joycee
*Personalized wordpress theme & free unlimited webhosting for a year from Ate Mumu of
*1 year free webhosting from
*6 months free webhosting from Micaela of


*100×100 avatar size ad spot in Gail’s blog of
*1 month advertisement on Mel Lee’s blog of
*125×125 Ad spot in Vhincent’s blog of
*125×125 Ad spot in Jerick Mack’s blog of
*Ad spots in Nika Catbagan’s blogs,,, and
*125×125 Ad spot in Katkat’s blog of
*125 x 125 ad spot at from Ate Mumu
*500×500 ad spot in April’s blog of


*$15 worth of e-load from Ate Cecille of
*Free weekly load for one month from Walongbote of


*The Twelfth Angel by Og Mandino and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch from an anonymous friend
*Skullcandy Headset from Ate Bojoy & Arnie
*Lord of the Rings book from Kikayness of

4. After creating entry, post the details of ur blog post in joycee's blog as a comment.

5. Submission of photo entries via email are only until June 13, 2009; 11:59pm (Manila Time). All blog entries should be posted on each participants’ blog by June 20, 2009; 11:59pm (Manila time).

6. By June 14 or 15, joycee will publish all the photo entries in her blog. She will also post a poll wherein the readers can cast their votes. Voting is open until June 27, 2009; 11:59pm (Manila Time). By June 28th or the 29th, winners will be announced.

7. There will be four winners:

a. Voters’ Choice Award
b. Sponsors’ Choice Award
c. Block Sheeb’s Choice Award
d. UCCP-Anabu’s Choice Award

Wishing all the best for all those who participate in this contest.... :)


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