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Selenium - Interview Questions

You can get the answers for the below questions through googling.

1) Explain selenium architecture.
2) command to start selenium rc server
3) code for handling pop ups in selenium
4) can we handle windows based applications in selenium webdriver?
5)difference between thread.sleep() and waitForPagetoLoad().
6)difference between ide and rc.
7)why do u use Junit
8)which tool do you use for reporting purpose (we use ANT tool)?
9)Explain your project where you used selenium.
10)how to sort a set of elements in array. write the java code.
11)how to swap two numbers
12)how to find the biggest number out of three numbers?
13)Explain split() method in java
14)what is Tokenizer in Java?
15)Difference between Error and Exception.
16) Different types of exceptions you faced in your project.
17)What are different languages that we can use with selenium?
18)What is selenium core?


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